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Crescent Blues Book ViewsLlewellyn Worldwide (Paperback), ISBN 0-7387-0253-6
The Lost Girl, Dotti Enderle's break-out middle-grade novel and Book One in the Fortune Tellers Club series, promises mystery, divination and a lost girl -- and delivers on all three.

Book: dottie enderle, The Lost GirlA supernatural summer begins for Juniper Lynch, Anne Donovan and Gena Richmond when Gena loses her retainer and finds herself under the threat of being grounded. The Fortune Tellers Club to the rescue! Using several forms of divination, including an Ouija Board, an 8-Ball, extra-sensory perception, crystals and more, the girls collect clues as to the retainer's whereabouts. While searching for a further clue by crystal-gazing in a glass bowl of water, a face appears to Juniper. The face in the water seems unfamiliar until Juniper places it in the face of nine-year-old Laurie Simmons, who she sees on a poster for a missing girl.

Unable to turn their backs on their psychic skills or their desire to help find a missing girl, the members of the Fortune Tellers Club conduct an investigation of their own. Juniper, Anne and Gena hope to find the missing girl before time runs out, even if it means putting themselves in harm's way.

With three young adolescents (with an extremely intriguing and unusual hobby) at the wheel, one would expect a character-driven story. However, not the characters, but the plot propels The Lost Girl toward its finale. The characters act as if merely along for the ride. Fortunately, a nicely paced story (although a somewhat rushed ending) and a compelling mystery will keep the young female readers (ages 8-12-plus) wanting more.

The use of divination to seek answers to common teenage problems proves an exciting premise for the Fortune Telling Club series. That combined with a quick, easy-to-follow storyline will add to the popularity of this innovative series. What will the trio conjure next?

Lynne Remick

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