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Crescent Blues Book ViewsAce Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-441-00282-X
A few years ago Jim Eckert, your average college student, worried about things like money, getting a decent job and fending off the guy trying to steal his girlfriend. Until one day he journeyed six centuries into the past to save her from the Dark Powers and got himself stuck in the body of a dragon.

Book: Gordon R. Dickson: the dragon the earl and the troll.Now Sir James Eckert, the Dragon Knight and C+ magician, and wife Angie find themselves in a bit over their heads. Stuck in a medieval alternate reality, their home the Castle Malencontri surrounded by 254 men-at-arms, knights and ragtag soldiers, while a hobgoblin eats all of their food, and unfortunately things will only get worse. The Earl of Somerset plans to throw a lavish Christmas feast and the Dark Powers choose this joyous occasion to once again wreak havoc on mankind. While an army of trespassing trolls masses outside in the cold winter snow, inside the snug walls of the Earl's castle treachery rears its ugly head.

Now Jim and Angie must deal with a bickering Earl and his own resident troll, and take care of their new foster child while trying to solve the mystery of who murdered his parents. Not to mention the fact that the Immortal Phoenix, supposed to fly across the sky like a burning star to ring in the new millennium, could not get himself lighted, gave up and went back to sleep!

Can Jim and Angie along with their best friends Sir Brian, the wizard Carolinus, and the wolf Aargh do the impossible and salvage this situation? Or will they and all the world fall to the manipulations of the Dark Powers?

Dickson gives us a Christmas story to remember and while it may drag on a bit in certain places, The Dragon, The Earl, and The Troll remains an engaging well told tale filled with magic, fantastic creatures and fits of hilarity.

Ted Odell

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