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Crescent Blues Book ViewsWildside Press (Hardcover), ISBN 1592249817
Sometimes, when you're an archeologist, artifacts will haunt you -- perhaps by not revealing a vital piece of information or clue that allows their purpose to be fully known. And sometimes artifacts will just…haunt you. So Matilda Gray, antiquities expert (especially of those things pertaining to the Roman and Celtic cultures), archeologist, and psychic knows from bitter experience. On her latest dig, Matilda learns that when it comes to the illegal antiquities trade, being psychic could well be more a hindrance than help. Seeing long-dead Celts performing strange rites instead of tuning in whoever murdered a wealthy local does nothing to further her relationship with the detective investigating the murder.

Book: lillian stewart carl, time enough to die Inspector Gareth March of Scotland Yard most certainly agrees. He needs cold, hard, solid facts, not an attractive (albeit provoking) woman who goes into weird trances and "sees" things that happened centuries earlier. More importantly, if he solves this case a much-desired promotion should be right around the corner. But Gareth can't ignore Matilda's professional expertise -- or the fact that he seems to be developing a relationship with this unusual female. What's a respectable detective to do?

First, try to keep his mind on the business at hand. Is naive young Ashley Walraven, an American student enjoying her first trip to Great Britain and her first archeological dig, involved in the thefts and murder -- or will her relationship with the darkly handsome, sly and secretive gypsy, Nick, put Ashley in her own boggy grave? Matilda, too, worries about the pretty, but clueless Ashley. Too many indicators -- psychic as well as historical and criminal -- point towards an impending sacrifice.

Book: lillian stewart carl, shadows in scarlet
Unfortunately for Gareth and Matilda's budding relationship and their mental and physical comfort, there are just too many people tangled in this crazy web of lies, deceit and murder. Where does the slimy archaeologist in charge of the dig, the cantankerous owner of a nearby horse farm, the owner's wallflower wife, an odd but elegant antiquities dealer, and the dealer's unusually street-tough assistant factor in this homicidal mix?

Once again, Lillian Stewart Carl takes history and archeology and crafts them into a satisfying tale sure to please fans of all mystery persuasions. Though a bit slow to start, Time Enough to Die provides readers with absorbing characters, richly detailed descriptions of the dig and its environs, and, finally, a rousing good puzzle that will keep readers guessing whodunit till almost the end of the book. I highly recommend this book to not only fans of paranormal mysteries, but to anyone who enjoys a well thought out and written novel.

Teri Smith

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