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Crescent Blues Book Views1st Books Library (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-7596-8215-1
Rear Window enters The Twilight Zone in this whodunit that spans generations and social strata.

Meet Jeagan Christensen, a young lady who appears to possess it all: good looks, a wealthy father, an ambitious fiancé. But this charming little scenario shatters the moment she sits at The Desk.

Book: jonna turner, the deskCue do-do-do-do music.

Purchased as an antique, the otherwise innocuous writing harbors the violent vibes of a 50-year-old murder. Whenever Jeagan sits at the desk, she suffers flashbacks of the terrible event.

Desperate to lay the furniture-phantom to rest and fueled by insatiable curiosity, Jeagan severs all ties with her unsupportive family and fiancé, and traveled from Denver to Memphis to unravel the desk's mysteries. At its heart, she discovers during her quest, lies the murder of an innocent, covered up for five decades to retain the honor of a class-obsessive family.

Against odds that would daunt a seasoned professional, Jeagan brandishes her amateur ignorance as a shield in her self-appointed mission to re-flesh a skeleton that refuses to remain in the family's closet.

I enjoyed reading about a mystery heroine with real flaws, for a change -- although at the beginning she almost comes across as too much of a doormat to her jerk of a fiancé to be sympathetic. The Rear Window component to this tale shines forth in the sense of someone with zany ideas that no one believes, crippled, in Jeagan's case by her ignorance, yet determined to be proven right.

And, as in Rear Window, being proven right almost earns Jeagan a one-way ticket to the Memphis morgue.

I would have preferred to see a more plausible explanation for Jeagan's horrific visions; for example, giving the desk a direct tie to the murdered man, rather than to his fiancée. I also docked half a point for the plot being a tad too predictable at times, though I shall leave it to you to discover whether or not you agree with me.

Moral of The Desk: don't buy an antique if you don't know where it's been!

Kim D. Headlee

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