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Crescent Blues Book ViewsAce Books (Paperback), ISBN 0441005608
As man reached the stars and colonized new planets the lack of efficient communications alienated the new planetary regimes. Without support from Earth the newly colonized worlds fell into anarchy. Over the long years of isolation an archaic form of society began to blossom as each world formed their own governments without the aid of high technology.

Book: Christopher Stasheff, a warlock in spite of himself Rod Gallowglass, an agent of the Society for the Conversion of Extraterrestrial Nascent Totalitarianisms (SCENT), and his robot buddy, Fess, travel from planet to planet in hopes of bringing these lost colonies back into the fold by converting their governments into democracies and helping them climb out of the Dark Ages.

On the planet of Gramarye, however, they find a significant variation from the norm. As with any medieval society myths and legends abound, along with rumors of fell beasts and witches that roam the land. However on Gramarye the beasts and witches, as well as the magic that sustains them, are real.

Ron and Fess land on Gramarye in the middle of a brewing civil war. Meanwhile, shady characters plot SCENT's downfall and the complete extermination of Gramarye's witches. Can Rod find a way to stop this impending disaster? Or will not only Gramarye, but also the entire galaxy fall back into anarchy?

Stasheff provides a delightful tale full of suspense and action with likable and vivid characters that will keep you grinning all of the way through. In short, a light fantasy well worth the read.

Ted Odell

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