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Signs: Summer Gold

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Widower Graham Hess (Mel Gibson), father of two children, grower of grain, and denouncer of theological deities, goes into an anti-religious tailspin when mysterious circles begin appearing in his corn fields. Plagued with raising two precocious kids, a washed out baseball star brother and a couple of butt licking dogs (a sign of friendliness), Graham struggles to keep focused on reality.

But strange things start happening. Kids kill pets, little girls develop water fetishes, invisible people walk around on housetops. And, as the number of crop circles increases, local residents begin to wonder if this could be a sign from God or just the work of those practical jokers, the Wolfington brothers.

Then Graham's two kids read a UFO primer, grab a baby monitor and start scanning the airwaves for alien voices. Convinced that "the truth is out there" and mind reading aliens hide in the corn fields, the kids construct highly sophisticated tinfoil helmets to shield their tender brains from alien probing. Meanwhile, frightened people hide in closets, cringe in basements and pray to God for divine intervention.

All except Graham. He quit talking to God when his beloved wife died in that horrible auto accident. Why start now over something as trivial as total world conquest and complete human annihilation?

Meanwhile, lights begin appearing over every city on earth, gray-skinned beings shake hands with presidents, and the Weekly World News proclaims "Full Scale Alien Invasion Begins!" Uh-Ohh. That makes it official. Just ask Orson Wells.

Will mankind survive this horrible invasion? If this proves to be a real alien attack, will The X-Files turn into a documentary? Did those bastards really blow up Cigarette Smoking Man in the final episode?

This intense, well-developed psycho-sci-fi thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sprinkled liberally with wit, charm and humor, the captivating story suffers only a mild breakdown near the end. Everyone, including Gibson, does an excellent job. Even with world threatening alien invasion, Mel never morphs into his Lethal Weapon persona. And watch for Abigail Breslin. This little angel steals your heart as easily as she steals a scene. My favorite for the year, I give it an "A."

Dixie says: Finally, a Summer Blockbuster worthy of the italics. I could watch this movie again, again and again. Am I repeating myself? Maybe it's a sign of Mel-addiction. Glad to see Joaquin Phoenix playing a nice guy, this time. What a sweetie! The two children, cute as buttons, did great jobs acting like children.

And then there's Mel. You can always find my Mad Max tape by following the trail of drool. He's aging very well. Even though he sports some wrinkles around the eyes, he doesn't show signs of plastic surgery. Bravo for you, Mel. Lack of scar tissue always makes my heart go pitty-pat, pitty-pat. Uh-oh, I'm repeating again. It must be another Mel-addiction flare up. I can't wait to add this one to my Hunk collection. I give it an "A" for Alien.

Don & Dixie Mitchell

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