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New iconDeborah Crombie: A Finer End
New iconJeffrey Cohen: For Whom the Minivan Rolls
New iconRebecca Lickiss: Never After
New iconDavid Eddings & Leigh Eddings: Regina's Song
Dolores Johnson: Buttons and Foes
Michael Pearce: The Camel of Destruction
Mariah Stewart: The President's Daughter
Terry Pratchett: The Last Continent
Rachael Gibson: Truly Madly Yours
Laurell K. Hamilton: Blue Moon
Alys Clare: The Tavern in the Morning
Sue Corbett: 12 Again
Carolyn Kephart: Lord Brother
Geralyn Dawson: The Pink Magnolia Club
Alma Hrominc: Changer of Days (Vol. 2)
Laurin Wittig: The Devil of Kilmartin
Adrianne Byrd: Surrender to Love
Celeste O. Norfleet: Priceless Gift
Lisa Miscione: Angel Fire
M. R. Sellers: Perfect Trust
Martin L. Strong: Death Before Dawn
Cindy Harris: Child's Play
Kathleen Eagle: You Never Can Tell
Laurie R. King: Folly
Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees: The Boy Next Door
Peter David: Knight Life

Walter Wager: Kelly's People
Stephen White: Warning Signs
Darlene Marshall: Pirate's Price
Jude Deveraux: The Mulberry Tree
Rita Murphy: Night Flying
Barbara Delinsky: The Woman Next Door

Video Views
The Shipping News: Haunting Tale of Rebirth
Erin Brockovich
: Winning Spunk


Toni Kelner
Martina Pilcerova

New iconMartina Pilcerova: Rising Slovak Art Star
New iconRon Walotsky: An Appreciation
A Yankee Girl's Guide to Brit Chick Lit
Toni Kelner: Mysteries With Southern Accent
Artist Brings Con and .Com Together for Groundbreaking Digital Art Show
Game Publisher Seeks Artists Where They Play

New iconEditorial: Con Dread

New iconThe New and Improved, Alan Smithee Diaries: The Accounts of Monte Cristo

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New iconServing Sara: Smaller Portions, Please
: Summer Gold

Sweet and Lowdown: Silent Fizzle
:Webbed Wonder

Music Views
Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Townes Van Zandt: Live at the Old Quarter
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
: An Old/New Dynamic