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Crescent Blues Book ViewsIvy Books (Paperback), ISBN: 0-345-44739-5
One of my favorite authors, Mariah Stewart, dishes up a new romantic suspense and serves it on a crisp bed of intrigue, madness, and murder. A tasty dish, The President's Daughter delves deep into old relationships, bares old secrets and provides more than a few thrills for the avid reader. A tangled and knotted plot, some strange relationships, and several what-seems-to-be's add depth and interest to the well-realized characters.

Book: mariah stewart, the president's daughterDina McDermott, 30, runs her own business, a business funded by a very generous inheritance. Events conspire to turn her world awry and send her life spinning out of control. A journalist with a well-honed instinct for a story, Simon Keller hears an unsettling story about a squeaky clean former president. The story hints at a secret affair, one that led to a tragic end. Following a series of leads, Simon ends up at Dina's place of business. The knowledge he garnered threatens to expose a parentage that will seriously rock the political world.

Then Dina learns the truth and becomes the target of a cold-blooded killer. She runs for her life -- with Simon helping her every step of the way.

A very exciting and engrossing read, The President's Daughter should be on everyone's "I Gotta Read This" list. Suspense and secrets, love and lies, and family entanglements twist and turn together to create an unforgettable book.

Patricia Lucas White

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