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Crescent Blues Book ViewsZebra Ballad Historical Romance (Paperback), ISBN 0-8217-6914-6
Call me a skeptic, but I don't usually associate raising children with the passion portrayed in romance novels. As a result, I experienced serious doubts about Child's Play. Surprisingly, children and romance do mix -- at least in this book.

Book: Cindy HArris, childs playeThis historical novel furthers the premise introduced Book One of the Dublin Dreams quartet, A Bright Idea, and continued in Book Two, Wolf at the Door. In this series, an anonymous benefactor brings together four unmarried, penniless women (who, in their younger days, showed friendship to his deceased wife) and sets them up in Fontjoy Square, Dublin, Ireland (1865).

A novel of hope and dreams come true, Child's Play focuses on childless Rose Sinclair, who decides to adopt orphans possibly sired by her philandering, now deceased husband. The adoption seems in order until an unraveling plot reveals that one of the children may likely have been sired by Sir Steven, a respected barrister. Under Irish law, permission of the natural father, if living, must be obtained before any adoption can become final. As a result, Widow Sinclair must solicit permission for the adoption from Sir Steven, a man for whom she holds little respect. In fact, when Sir Steven's association with the child becomes clear, Rose Sinclair vows to do whatever necessary to keep the child with his sisters.

Book: Cindy HArris, A bright ideaSir Steven vehemently denies parentage, but soon finds himself smitten with Miss Sinclair and his young namesake. As he recreates the past of his former lover, Katherine, the truth comes to light. Now he must decide whether to allow Steven to be raised in a single parent family or join forces with the determined widow and make the family complete.

Whether or not you subscribe to the belief that child-rearing and romance don't mix, you'll want to join this game. There's murder, mystery, blackmail, passion, a war of wills and more. And ultimately, Cindy Harris proves that love can be Child's Play.

Lynne Remick

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