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Crescent Blues Book ViewsB E T Books (Paperback), ISBN1-58314-291-6
Adrianne Byrd steps up to the prestigious role of lead author for B E T Books with a wonderful, suspenseful romance set in small town U.S.A. The sophisticated style of Surrender to Love makes the multi-layered story even more endearing.

Julia Kelley trusts only one person, her daughter. She found her ex-husband murdered and suspects that she will be next. But her escape plan goes haywire when her car dies on the side of the road, leaving Julia and her daughter stranded. A stranger's offer to take her to his sister's bed & breakfast while he sees to getting her car fixed seems too good to be true, but Julia welcomes it, nevertheless.

Carson Webber stops at the side of the road in a thunderstorm to help the lone female standing next to her stalled car. It doesn't take Carson long to realize that Julia and her daughter do not want their pasts revealed. Attracted to this woman, Carson delays her departure by not fixing her car and popping over to his sister's B & B for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The rhythm of small town life draws Julia. Helping out in the B & B allows her to remain hidden from whoever killed her abusive ex-husband -- and earn her keep. Yet, she cannot dismiss her attraction to Carson nor her wild imaginings of outlandish possibilities of life with Carson and his daughter. It could happen if she did not have the FBI, a mobster's henchmen and a killer breathing down her neck.

Carson cannot help but be enamored by Julia -- woman, singer, pool hall aficionado, skillful carnival dunker, and on and on. Since his wife's death, no other woman managed to penetrate the wall of anguish that guards memories. It took a kindred spirit with her own share of pain. With Julia's arrival in his life, his heartache loses its intensity, and he begins to look forward to each day. However, he regrets that the day will come when he can no longer delay Julia's departure.

The story takes an exciting turn when both daughters are kidnapped. Julia and Carson must trust each other to keep their daughters alive. The grand finale packs an exciting action-suspense combination with a satisfying romantic conclusion. I look forward to reading more books by Adrianne Byrd.

Gabriella Samuels


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