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New iconWalter Wager: Kelly's People
New iconStephen White: Warning Signs
New iconDarlene Marshall: Pirate's Price
New iconJude Deveraux: The Mulberry Tree
Rita Murphy: Night Flying
Barbara Delinsky: The Woman Next Door
Elizabeth Keys: Reilly's Heart
Chris Platt: Race the Wind
Linda Sue Park: When My Name Was Keoko
Ann Patchett: Bel Canto
Lisa Gardner: The Next Accident
Taylor Chase: Heart of Night
Orson Scott Card: Ender's Game
Peter Doggett: Are You Ready for the Country
Sharon Shinn: Summers at Castle Auburn
Kezi Matthews: John Riley's Daughter
Evan Marshall: Stabbing Stephanie
Catherine Coulter: Pendragon
John Grant: Masters of Animation
J. C. Wilder: Temptation
Fern Michaels: Kentucky Rich
Elliot Pattison: The Skull Mantra
Susan Wittig Albert: Misteltoe Man
Timmothy B. McCann: Until
Lee Killough: Wilding Nights
Kathleen Eschenburg: The Nightingale's Song
Harlan Coben: Tell No One
Andy Straka:
A Killing Sky
Carolyn Hart: April Fool Dead
Jane Yolen: Briar Rose
Anne Frasier: Hush
Lillian Stewart Carl: Shadows in Scarlet
Rett MacPherson: Killing Cousins
Sue Henry: Cold Company

Second Look
John Kisch & Edward Mapp: A Seperate Cinema: Fifty Years of Black Cast Posters

Video Views
Erin Brockovich: Winning Spunk
The Laramie Project: Owning the Truth
Waking Ned Devine: Irish Magic


Rosemary Stevens
Paul Gross
New iconPaul Gross: Comedy Canadian Style
New iconRosemary Stevens: Beau Monde
Susan Vreeland: Living in the Spirit of Art

Suzanne Brockmann:SEAL-ed With a Kiss
New iconEditorial: Summertime and the Reading Is Easy

New iconThe New and Improved, Alan Smithee Diaries: Saving Knuckles Privates

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Movie Views
Sweet and Lowdown: Silent Fizzle
:Webbed Wonder
Men With Brooms
: Curling's Funniest 104 Minutes

Insomnia: Wide Awake Thrills
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Music Views
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood: An Old/New Dynamic
Gross and Keeley: Love and Carnage