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The following notice, printed in bright red ink, should be affixed to every copy of Wilder's books: Warning: The Shadow Dweller Series can be addictive. This book in particular should come packaged with a fire extinguisher, maybe two. Am I telling you it sizzles? "Sizzle" hardly begins to describe the sexual heat generated between the vampire Sinjin and the mortal, Vivian Carrington. Try "inferno."

Book: J. C. Wilder, TemptationRich, forty-plus, wanting to make something of her life, Vivian visits New Orleans to do some research for a writer friend. She uses Sinjin's club, Chat Noir, as her office -- or library reading room, bringing a book and making notes as she eat or sips coffee. Meanwhile, Sinjin's preternatural friends worry about another book. Elsabeth's diary disappeared during a bit of unpleasantness in the club, and now the preternatural world searches again -- even as they continue to battle the evil vampire Mikhail's efforts to take over the Shadow Dweller's Council.

Vivian admires Sinjin's body and feels a surge of sexual attraction every time she sees him. Still, she resists temptation until a mugger snatches her purse. Proximity heats their attraction further after Vivian volunteers to help in the club.

But -- and the caveat is a big one -- someone wants Vivian dead and sends hit men to make it happen. A beautiful were-wolf thief wants to give the diary to Sinjin in return for a favor. Mikhail's bad guys want the diary and wouldn't mind if Sinjin, the were-wolf and Vivian die in the procuring of same. In fact, they would prefer it.

Although Wilder does an excellent job of including information from earlier books, this book benefits from familiarity with the Shadow Dweller series. Not only does knowledge of the series enrich the reading experience, the reader will miss some wonderful reads if he or she doesn't check out Wilder's previous titles.

Note: If you don't have the equipment or the desire to read it in electronic form, Temptation will be available in paperback in June 2002 in The Shadow Dweller Series, Volume lll, from the same publisher.

Patricia Lucas White

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