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Crescent Blues Book ViewsDelacorte Press (Hardcover) ISBN 0385336187
When Naomi Biggs walks into Dr. Alan Gregory's office, she tells him she has been thinking about the parents of the children in the Columbine school shootings. At first, he assumes she means the children killed in the attack. She does not. Instead, she wonders about the Harrises and the Klebolds -- the parents of the shooters and how much they should have, or could have, known about what their sons planned to do.

Book: stephen white, warning signsNaomi's questions set off multiple alarm bells in Gregory's mind. With a new baby at home, and his wife involved in a murder investigation, Gregory's personal life keeps him from being completely objective. But Naomi insists on seeing him and only him. The more he speaks to her, the more he learns about her fears regarding her own child, who she suspects may be involved in a plot that could leave many people dead. As her story unfolds, Gregory becomes less willing to sit idly by and let more people die.

Gregory struggles with ethics issues and his own need to protect his family. If he lets the authorities know his suspicions, he will be violating the sacred trust between therapist and patient. If, on the other hand, he keeps his mouth shut, he may wind up with several deaths on his conscience. When lawyers and judges become the targets of bombing attempts, Gregory's objectivity evaporates. His wife, an assistant district attorney, may be next.

Book: Stephen White, the bolshevik posterLucy, a Boulder, Colo., police officer accused of the murder of Boulder's district attorney, finds herself in the middle of this drama. Enlisting Gregory's help as a psychological profiler of sorts, she races to clear her name and catch the real perpetrator.

Suspenseful and thought provoking, Warning Signs throws a curveball at you every few pages. One or two in particular stand out in my mind, but I don't want to ruin the book for any readers. Well written and well thought out, Warning Signs deftly explores the mind and dilemmas of a psychotherapist

Ceridwen S. Lewin

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