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Crescent Blues Book ViewsAce (Paperback), ISBN: 0-441-00928-X
An enchanting maturation tale of the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman who spends her summers with her beloved, legitimate sister at Castle Auburn. The legitimate sister, Elisandra will wed the future king when he comes of age to wear the crown. The story begins when Corie, or more formally Coriel, budding witch and wise woman reaches the advanced age of 14. Corie thinks the future king more wonderful than any man in the world. She also loves her sister more than her own life and considers the engagement splendid thing.

Book: Sharon Shinn summers at auburn castleShinn speaks with a lyrical voice. She drew me into the story and let it unfold in a seamless whole before my avid eyes -- mesmerizing me with the tale and the content. Intrigue, growth and a potion of her own brewing gradually opens Corie's eyes, allows her to see more clearly, and lets her know her sister serves as nothing more than a pawn in the Regent's hands. As another marriageable woman of her house, Corie stands to increase his power as well, but Corie puts things in a different light and does what she must to survive.

At first I mistook Summers at Castle Auburn for a young adult book, but after a few pages I knew it had been written for me. The subplots that inform the reader, allow Corie to grow and bring about change in all the characters invite a suspension of disbelief, and I accepted the invitation eagerly. Is it a fantasy or a love story? Both, I think, besides being a romance of the purest form. Sexy? Not at all.

Will I read it again? Absolutely. And I will go on the hunt for Shinn's previous books.

Patricia Lucas White

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