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Crescent Blues Book ViewsZebra (Paperback), ISBN: 0-8217-7234-1
Cinderella revisited? Naturally, but Kentucky Rich speaks more to family, family definitions, family interactions than about Prince Charming and happy-ever-afters. If you hunger for a red-hot, sizzling-with-sex book, Kentucky Rich will disappoint you, but if you want a great read (and read Michael's previous Vegas and Texas series) grab this book and prepare to be transported to a world of strong women and fast horses.

Book: Fern Michaels, Kentucky RichJosh Coleman throws his very ill daughter Nealy and her child, the one he calls "the drooling half-wit," out into the storm. Seventeen, uneducated, and barely able to drive, Nealy steals her father's old pickup and drives until it quits running. Then fate takes a hand, and Nealy wakes up in the home of Maud and Jess, owners of the Blue Diamond Horse Farm. They later adopt her, educate her and let her work with the thoroughbreds that she truly loves.

What Nealy does and how she does it makes for an engrossing and informative read. I like books about family, and I enjoy learning new things. In Kentucky Rich, Michaels used both the background of horse racing/horse breeding and her insight into family dynamics to excellent advantage

I haven't read the other two books in the series (but I probably will). As a result, I got lost in the latter part of this book, when relatives and various bits of intrigue made their appearance. I couldn't keep track of the players or their motivations, and it bothered me. Because of that, I gave the book a lower rating than I would have otherwise. It doesn't really stand alone. But I suspect fans that read the earlier books will be happy to learn more about the Coleman and Thornton clans -- and their admirable women protagonists.

Patricia Lucas White

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