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Crescent Blues Book Views LTDBooks (Ebook), ISBN 1-55316-060-6 (electronic)
Pirate's Price begins in Florida of the 1820s with an unwanted marriage -- unwanted by both groom and bride. Finances force the former, and womanhood traps the latter. The groom, Justin Stephen Charles Delerue, fifth Earl of Smithton, planned a quiet life in rural England for his new wife. The bride, Christine Sanders, had other ideas.

Book: Ann patchett, bel cantoKnowing that Justin married her for her money and her late father's shipping company, Christine vowed to get her due, even if must stoop to stealing to get it. She knew that once she married her husband would control her fortune and her company. She would lose all rights to herself and her property. Christine prepared carefully for her wedding night. The drug she placed in her husband's wine took effect, but not without unanticipated consequences. Regardless, Christine made good her escape and began her adventures.

Seeking refuge with her father's best friend, a retired sailor, she vows to steal back her rightful inheritance. Armed with a sword and supported by a faithful crew, she takes to the sea as a pirate. Her escapades actually work quite well, until she captures Justin on one of his own ships.

The story of Christine and Justine proves entertaining and fun -- a nice read for these hot summer days. Marshall invents interesting characters, especially her mostly homosexual supporting cast. Marshall skips around this point -- a word here, a mannerism there -- but never really delves into what could be an extremely rich treasure trove of innuendo, misconceptions, misunderstandings and amusing situations. Christine hides behind the fašade of a gay and foppish pirate. The setting ripens, but Marshall just misses picking the forbidden fruit. I hope that in her next endeavor she'll go ahead and take the chance. I think she and her readers will find it quite rewarding.

Heather Firth

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