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Crescent Blues Book Views Onyx Books (Paperback), ISBN 0451410378
Gunned down in the synagogue as she walks up the aisle to say her vows, a young girl dies in front of her family and friends. Acting quickly, Detective April Woo and the NYPD capture the man they believe is responsible.

Book: Leslie glass, the silent brideBut a week later, outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, another young bride falls victim to an unseen assassin. Woo and Mike Sanchez, her boyfriend and fellow detective, must race to uncover the murderer before another bride dies.

The murders send a shock wave of panic through the city, giving Woo enough to worry about without Sanchez pressuring her to marry him or her sister-cousin Ching obsessing about the bad luck that these slayings create for her own wedding. Woo decides that despite her involvement with what the press dub "the Bride Murders," dwelling on the matrimonial events in her own life would be bad for her mental health.

Glass interweaves the complex relationships in Woo's life with her investigations into the Bride Murders. Woo comes across as wonderfully human. Nuances such as her love of make-up or an itch in an "intimate place" make Woo likable and believable. Her relationships with Mike and Ching -- and the real feelings and fragile egos these characters display -- prove charming and true to life. Woo's relationship with her mother, whom she refers to as Skinny Dragon Mother, amuses even as its sometimes painful realism causes discomfort.

Book: Leslie Glass, Burning TimeSetting this book in New York forced Glass to deal with the tragedy of September 11 in her story and characters. She scatters references to the newly changed skyline and the hard work of N.Y. police officers throughout the book. Yet Glass never allows the story to get bogged down in the tragedy, nor does she conspicuously avoid mentioning an event which changed the cultural and physical landscape.

This book, while part of a series, stands well on its own. Glass fleshes out the characters sufficiently so even a first time reader feels as if they know them. The plot provides plenty of suspense and enough red herrings to make it interesting.

Ceridwen S. Lewin

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