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Crescent Blues Book Views Onyx Fiction (Paperback), ISBN 0-451-41031-
A debut novel with a suspense factor through the roof, Hush delivers look-over-your- shoulder chills and even a nightmare or two. I recommend not reading it alone at night.

Book: anne frasier, hushThe so-called "Madonna Murderer," a serial killer who murders single mothers and their infant sons, returns to his killing ways after a 16-year absence. Or else a copycat wants in on the game.

Author and noted criminal profiler, Ivy Dunlap comes to town to delve in the killer's head, pull out strands of malice and madness, use them to draw a word picture of the murderer, and give the police the benefit of her expertise. She comes willingly, but her past remains a secret she must keep for her own safety. But Ivy will risk everything to capture the murderer of her own son -- the man who killed her baby boy and disappeared into the dark, leaving her bleeding and near death. Not the same innocent young woman that survived, Ivy lived for this chance when dying would have been easier and far less painful.

Chief Homicide Detective Max Irving doesn't think much of Ivy's expert opinion and accepts her help unwillingly. But orders are orders, especially when they come from Superintendent Abraham Sinclair, who calls Ivy down from Canada to Chicago for reasons only the two of them know. But Ivy is only part of Max's problem. The other big problem in Max's life revolves around Max's rebellious adopted son, who seems determined to destroy their life together.

Hush spooked me. The killer killed the babies gently and left a snow globe in their cribs. But what he did to the young mothers brought a chill to my bones. Anne Frasier, I truly hope you write more about Ivy and Max, even if they both carry life scars that might never be erased. They touched my heart. And of course, Jinx, the cat, must strut his hour on the stage. Grab this book, but read it with the lights on and the doors locked.

Patricia Lucas White

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