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Book Views
New iconLynne Heitman: Tarmac
New iconJames Powlick: Meltdown
New iconPatricia Potter: Broken Honor
New iconMarilyn Meredith: Intervention
New iconThomas H. Cook: The Interrogation
Christina Dodd: In My Wildest Dreams
Jo Dereske: Miss Zukas in Death's Shadow
Conrad Allen: Murder on the Minnesota
Kezi Matthews: Scorpio's Child
Virginia Henley: The Border Hostage
Earlene Fowler: Steps to the Altar

Susan Elizabeth Phillips: This Heart of Mine
Carole Nelson Douglas: Cat In A Midnight Choir
Katherine Kurtz: St Patrick's Gargoyle

Steven Gould: Jumper
Jude Deveraux: The Blessing

Rebecca Hagan Lee: Ever Princess
Alex Matthews: Death's Domain
Mercedes Lackey: The Serpent's Shadow
Connie Lane: Romancing Riley
Elizabeth English: Laird of the Mist
Amanda Scott: Abducted Heiress
Jaclyn Reding: The Pretender
Susan Vreeland: The Passion of Artemisia
Jade Walker: Sex, Death and Other...
Kazuo Ishiguro: When We Were Orphans
Claire Delacroix: The Temptress
Jo Beverly, Cathy Maxwell, Jaclyn Reding and Lauren Royal: In Praise of Younger Men
Carl Hiaasen: Basket Case
Ellis Amburn: Buddy Holly - A Biography
Peggy Vincent: Baby Catcher (Chronicles of a Modern Midwife)
John Sladek: The Reproductive System
Denise Swanson: Murder of a Sleeping Beauty
Timmothy B. McCann: Until...
Michael Crichton: Timeline
Nancy Pickard: The Blue Corn Murders

Second Look
Susan Elizabeth Phillips: It Had to Be You
Connie Lane: Romancing Riley

Video Views
New iconTape: The Linklater Alternative
No Man's Land: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Bouncing Betties

Sexy Beast: Empty Threat

Music Views
Mississipi Fred McDowell:
I Don't Play No Rock and Roll

Alex Matthews
Lillian Stewart Carl

New iconLillian Stewart Carl: Unearthly Undoings
New iconAlex Matthews: Taking the Analytical Approach to Mystery

Clayburn Moore: The Shape of Passion
Peggy Vincent: Conversations with a Modern Midwife
New iconEditorial: After the Screen Fades to Black

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Movie Views
New iconSpirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Blade II:
Grim Reapers
Murder By Numbers: High Crimes in High School
Scotland Pa.: The Mc Burger Biz

40 Days and 40 Nights:
Cute for Lent
Kate and Leopold: Isn't it Romantic
Waking Ned Devine: Irish Magic
The Mothman Prophecies: First Rate Scares