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Be Wery, Wery Qwiet…

Can I have the chocolate one, pleeeeeeese!

They really do breed like rabbits. Boxes, I mean. Pack a small number -- say six -- and by the time you reach your move's destination, you'll find yourself walled in by the multitude. At least it looked that way in my new office.

My very new office. Postponed six months in the wake of 9-11, our office finally made the move into its new space in the newly renovated section of the Pentagon. From what I can see peering through a gap in those confounded cartons, the space looks lovely: vanilla cream walls, chocolate-colored carpet, matching cubicles and chairs as red as Russian Easter eggs.

Hmmm, new beginnings, vanilla cream, eggs, chocolate, rabbits… Must be spring. No wonder the mind turns to thoughts of reproduction. Even so august a body as Oxford University Press finds itself touting a new, franker translation of the Kamasutra.

Meanwhile, Crescent Blues offers its own take on the season of new beginnings and frisky business. Teresa Patterson's interview with science fiction and fantasy sculptor Clayburn Moore shows how one artist used the techniques of classical, figurative art to create a new and important niche in today's art marketplace. Dawn Goldsmith's interview with Peggy Vincent and her review of Vincent's Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife demonstrate exactly what can happen following too assiduous application of the lessons learned in the Kamasutra. Finally, to prove that that spring madness can strike anything, Lynn I. Miller reviews a new edition of an old classic, John Sladek's The Reproductive System.

Glad you could join us for this seasonal fare and our usual generous helpings of fine views and reviews. I must depart the keyboard temporarily. All this talk of spring reminded me why I needed to unload the boxes in the first place. I know there's a chocolate bunny in here somewhere. I packed the Godiva® dark chocolate version simply and solely to compel me to unpack. (You didn't really think the prospect of returning to work could inspire me to tackle the chore, did you? I learned a long time ago to use my vices to my advantage.) Considering what happened to my notebooks, papers and files while my back was turned -- maybe I'll unearth more than one.

Be wery, wery qwiet. I'm hunting wabbits!

Jean Marie Ward
(With a tip of the hat to Tex Avery and Chuck Jones)

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