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Crescent Blues Book ViewsPublisher: Metropolis Ink (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-9579528-1-3
Jade Walker defines herself as "a foolish idealist and deathmonger" who "finds beauty in cemeteries and soulmates." With poetic and inviting words, an honest and graceful style, her voice captivates. She asks:Book: Jaded Walker Sex, death and other...

Linger here inside my mind, where the silence reigns free. Thoughts dance in the quiet hall. Music sung by the banshee.

Her siren's call proves difficult to ignore.

Like quicksand, Sex, Death and Other... rises up around you until you can see nothing else in the hearbeat-quickening, exciting, alarming, thought-rendering and utterly engulfing world created by Walker's words. Jade Walker writes tight, inspiring, vivid and sensual scenes, yet leaves room for the imagination. Walker's profound discoveries in the realms of sex, death and other at once become personal. While sinking willingly to the depths of her innermost thoughts, you will wonder why you never saw things so clearly before.

In other words, Walker captures our -- we poets, truth-seekers, seers and dreamers -- own frustrations, our own ponderings. Perhaps she sat silently beside us as we peered up at the sky, mistakenly thinking we were all alone in our thoughts?

With Walker's competent hand to guide, you will rise and fall with the tides of love, its thrilling crescendos and devastating decrescendos. You will experience death in a way you never imagined. You will ponder motifs always present but yet passed by. And when the journey ends, you will feel abandoned on the distant shore of a place you never visited before. But you will have changed, able to see things from another perspective, and ripe to make similar discoveries on your own.

By Webster's definition, a poet expresses her/himself with imaginative power and beauty of thought, language. I would add to that definition, that "a poet investigates, interprets and inspires." Jade Walker is, in all meanings of the word, a true poet.

Lynne Remick

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