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Crescent Blues Book Views Golden Eagle Press (Paperback), ISBN 1-891940-07-4
Tempe Crabtree's twin roles of deputy sheriff and wife collide in Intervention, the third book of the mystery series featuring the Native American law officer. Part Yanduchi and just beginning to learn about her heritage, Tempe knows that her spiritual involvement in that culture may cause disruptions in her marriage. Her relatively new husband, Hutch, the minister of a local community church, talks her into going to a mountain lodge for the weekend so that they can spend time alone away from her law-keeping duties and her tribal shaman.

Book: Thomas h cook, the interrogationHutch, who loves his wife -- but certainly doesn't understand her job -- plans a romantic get-away for the two of them. He didn't plan on a gaggle of disgruntled, disaffected movie people who all wanted something -- and would kill to get it. He also didn't plan on a howling blizzard, downed power and telephone lines and a corpse that disappears into the white.

In his zeal to protect his wife, Hutch manages to interfere and intervene in Tempe's sleuthing, plays the macho man, and generally gets her dander up. He also almost gets her killed. When the ordeal finally ends and the physical facts of the case sort themselves out, Tempe finds herself confronted by a metaphysical mystery, one which compels her to search further for her own spiritual truth.

Book: Marilyn Merdith, The ChoiceI don't suppose I need to tell you that I love the Tempe Crabtree books. Meredith creates characters so real, so mixed up, so flawed, and so wonderful, that I find myself wanting so much for Tempe. I would truly like to introduce her to the world. Believe me, if you haven't discovered Marilyn Meredith as an author, you might be cheating yourself out of some great reads. Yes, she's that good. The quality doesn't fade as this series progresses; it only grows stronger.


Patricia Lucas White

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