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New iconStephen White: The Program
New iconLaura Wilson: My Best Friend
New iconSabrina Jeffries: A Notorious Love
Simon R. Green: Drinking Midnight Wine
Bettye Griffin: Love Affair
Timmothy B. McCann: Until...
Michael Crichton: Timeline
Nancy Pickard: The Blue Corn Murders
Christina Dodd: In My Wildest Dreams
Cherry Adair: Hide and Seek
Michael LaRocca: Chronicles of a Madman
Susan Andersen: Head Over Heels
Deborah Donnelly: Veiled Threats
Kam Majd: High Wire
Robin White: Ice Curtain
Paul Kearney: Hawkwood's Journey
Michael Crichton: Timeline
Mindy L. Klasky: Season of Sacrifice
Sarah Andrews: An Eye For Gold
Shirley Rousseau Murphy:Cat Laughing Last
Alma A. Hromic: Changer of Days
Sylvia Nasar: A Beautiful Mind
Ted Mooney: Easy Travel to Other Planets
Kate Donovan: Carried Away
Cait London: Leaving Lonely Town

Music Views

Buddy Holly:From the Original Master Tapes
Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Glamming on Lost Love

Video Views
New iconSexy Beast: Empty Threat
The Incident: No Absolution
: Relentless Rebirth

AntiTrust: A Slower Kind of Time
The Anniversary Party: Hollywood and Whine
What Women Want
: Anything But Mel

Nancy Bartholomew
Don Bluth

New iconDon Bluth and Gary Goldman: Long Running Fun
New iconChuck Jones: An Appreciation
New iconHope or Hype: Inside Writing Sessions

Nancy Bartholomew:Murder, Mayhem and Mirth
A Yankee Girl's Guide to Brit Chick Lit
New iconEditorial: Emergency Room Blues

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40 Days and 40 Nights: Cute for Lent
Kate and Leopold: Isn't it Romantic
: Convincing Costner

The Count of Monte Cristo:
Superior Swashbuckling

Waking Ned Devine: Irish Magic
The Mothman Prophecies: First Rate Scares