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Kate Donovan will win many new fans with her spectacular, historical romance novel, Carried Away. Set in the mid-1800's America, this fast-paced story follows the adventures of a bored, betrothed society lady who sets her sights on a widowed sea captain. Feeling neglected by her workaholic fiancée, Erica Lane looks for a project that would occupy her time and provoke a touch of jealousy. She takes a ride across the ocean to the Caribbean to judge for herself whether a certain sea captain, Daniel McCullum, would be the perfect match for an unmarried friend.

Book: KAte Donovan, carried awayDaniel McCullum knows what he wants. Despite his mother-in-law's pleas to the contrary, his three children must remain with him on his island paradise. Daniel also knows what he doesn't want. He fights against any matchmaking schemes that his mother-in-law may hatch. But he didn't count on dealing with Miss Erica Lane.

Erica quickly notes that Daniel's ruggedly handsome features, roughened hands and fearless leadership add up to her idea of a perfect suitor. She plans to convince him that he needs a wife -- her friend, of course.

Wonderfully mischievous and persistent, Erica doesn't buckle under Daniel's adamant protests. After their first kiss, Erica can't help but think about what she may miss when she eventually marries. She struggles with her traitorous thoughts and impulses as she occasionally surrenders to the sinful pleasures of Daniel's touch, stolen glances and heady kisses.

Book: KAte Donovan, Game of HeartsDonavon makes it easy to forget about Erica's fiancée and Daniel's stance on marriage. Their adventurous nature combined with their individual quirks mark them as the perfect couple. The story manages to tap into the universal desire to fall in love with a big bang to a dark, dangerous rogue who will love you till the end of time.

Carried Away serves as the second spot of Donovan's three-book series with the matchmaking premise. I can't wait for the third book.

Michelle Monkou

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