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Crescent Blues Book ViewsBallantine Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-449-00684-0
What a ride! Cherry Adair's Hide and Seek took off with a bang and kept up a frenetic pace. The story carries a label of "contemporary romance," yet it straddled the fence with "women's fiction." Imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark advertised as the romance of the year.

Book: Cherry Adair, Hide and SeekDespite my opinion on the labeling, one must give Adair her props. She did everything according to the rules for a good read: opened with a hook, tight plot, no sagging dips in the pace, well thought out characterization and development, and a satisfying ending.

Delanie Eastman fears that Ramon Montero, a criminal who wants to purchase and use biological warfare, kidnapped her sister. Determined to investigate her sister's disappearance, Delanie lands a job at Ramon's casino and quickly wiggles her way into a more compromising position -- that of Ramon's none-too-bright girlfriend. While she plots her next move at Ramon's South American hideaway, a cocky, broad-shouldered hunk named Kyle Wright wastes no time in telling her what he thinks of her.

Ordinarily, Delanie would shrug off the jibes, but Kyle happens to be the man whom she experienced her one and only one-night stand, and with whom she fell in love. She will never forget that episode in her life and how abruptly it ended when he left without a word. Burned by his disappearance and focused on her sister's predicament, she remains cautious around Kyle, especially since he appears to be a dealer in biological warfare materials.

Book: Cherry Adair, Kiss and TellKyle never expected to see Delanie again -- certainly not in a place like this. He struggles with the memories and feelings that lie just below the surface every time that he speaks to her. Although it tears him apart to see her role play with a psychotic sadist, he cannot afford to blow his cover, because he works for an anti-terrorist agency.

In the middle of the South American jungle, Delanie and Kyle must depend on each other to outwit Ramon. Although they pursue different agendas, neither can escape the past they shared. Danger closes in on them, pushing their physical and mental abilities to the limit. It also makes them appreciate the present with no regrets as they rediscover their physical attraction and tender feelings that belie their tough exteriors.

Spicy, robust, and sexy describes Hide and Seek. Thanks for the ride, Adair.

Michelle Monkou

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