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Kate & Leopold: Isn't It Romantic

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Stuart (Live Schreiber), Kate's computer hacker boyfriend, discovers a window in time that allows him to visit the 19th century.

While taking pictures at the East River Bridge in 1852 New York, Stuart slips up. Leopold (Hugh Jackman), handsome mid-century aristocrat, notices Stuart lurking about. Since inventing contraptions, arguing with his rich uncle and choosing a bride fail to completely occupy his time, Leopold decides to follow Stuart through the porthole of time.

Back in New York -- our time -- Stuart takes Leopold to live in his apartment until Leopold can return to his own time period. Then Stuart conveniently falls down an elevator shaft and ends up in the psycho ward, leaving Leopold alone to face a strange world. And what world could be stranger than modern day New York City?

Thrown together with Kate (Meg Ryan), her brother Charlie (Breckin Myer) and Stuart's dog (Fido the Attack Pooper), Leopold finds life in modern day New York City to be loud, rude and impolite. However, that doesn't keep him from falling in love with Kate -- or keep the story from going into critical overload as complications develop.

Will Leopold find a place in modern society? Will the problems of a cross-century relationship prove too much for our lovers to handle? Will Seinfeld finally do a movie?

Reminiscent of Tarzan's New York Adventure without the elephants and Crocodile Dundee without the machete, the story moves along nicely. Despite minor credibility problems with the plot, the story holds together fairly well, too. The characters, while charming and warm, deliver believable performances. I give it a solid "B."

Dixie says: This adorable tale gives us women a look at something we always dreamed about: a kind, sensitive man who opens doors and rises when we enter a room. What more could a woman want? Wrap all that up in honesty and honor, throw in a little true love, and what do you get? Hugh Jackman. HUBBA-HUBBA, what a hunk. Tall, dark and handsome, so cool butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. All this and the guy can act, too. I bet no one even notices his lack of ear lobes. Look out Mel Gibson, you've got competition. I love Leopold, and I love Wolverine, my favorite X-man.

Meg Ryan, always cute and one of my favorites, needed to cut those bangs. All that hair in her face made me a little nervous. At change of life, lots of things make me nervous. But even at 40, Meg looks younger than most women in their twenties. And I love her acting.

This movie presented an elegant and romantic story with no nudity or bad language. I'm so self-conscious I shower in the dark, so I enjoyed the unusual experience of sitting through a movie without getting embarrassed. I found it very refreshing. I'm glad I already have my Prince, because there's no way I'm jumping off another bridge. I give it a "B" for butter.

Don & Dixie Mitchell

Readers Respond

I really enjoy Don and Dixie's style. They go straight to the gist of the movie and give you the gut feel of the movie. I like that because it gives me an idea of the emotions that the film will evoke in me after the movie is over. Those feelings will be the yardstick I use to measure that film against all the others that I have seen.


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