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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and a half moon gifJove Magical Love (Paperback), ISBN 0-515-13289-6
It's so hard to find a really well-written hero -- a hero that takes matters into his own paws, a hero who knows what he wants and how to get it. And let me tell you, Zanth, the sexy, purrfect hero of Heartmate certainly fills my exacting bill.

Book: Robin Owens, heartmateSo okay, I know all you humans out there think differently. You probably think T'Ash -- the guy with the midnight black hair, icy blue eyes, and muscular frame -- fits the hero suit better. Pardon me while I hawk a hairball on your silly human notions. The real hero of this book ain't got opposable thumbs, no sirree.

Don't get me wrong, T'Ash certainly made my human happy. She liked his determination and willingness to do what it took to get his heroine (even if my human thought he was pretty dense at times when it came to figuring out what it did take to get the gal). She even thought Danith made a pretty good heroine -- at least she thought so when Danith finally stopped angsting over her lack of power and social stature.

You see, one day while puttering around in his shop on the planet Celta, T'Ash throws some magical stones that tell him he'll finally meet his Heartmate. Sure enough, not too long afterwards in she walks. But Danith doesn't recognize the heartstone that T'Ash forged his heart and soul into, the heartstone that bespeaks (and bespells) the intertwining of Danith's life with that of T'Ash.

You'd think any female in her right mind faced with a tall handsome man (a filthy rich man at that -- never a bad thing in heroes) and a sexy cat would fall over herself to grab the goodies and never let go. Unfortunately, Danith, little used to magic, thinks T'Ash attempted to put a seduction spell on her. Purrrleeze! Have I mentioned how dim human females can be? Oh, the stories I could tell. They'd curl your fur. But I digress.

After Danith leaves, T'Ash discovers the heartstone necklace gone. Stolen, but by whom? What to do? Find the girl? Find the necklace? Find a friend's missing brother? Lots of things happen next, but I recommend you buy the book to find out. Okay, okay. You want a hint. Expect lots of heroics (especially by Zanth), and lots of good ol' mushy lovemaking (not enough with Zanth) and a very happy ending (especially for Zanth.)

My human says I need to tell you that she considered Heartmate a really good book. Sheesh. Why would I be spending valuable naptime writing this review if it wasn't? Humans. Can't live with them, can't send them out to corner the market on catnip. Read my whiskers. Buy the book. You'll make me happy, which will make my human happy. And a happy human tends to hand out luscious kippers or little bites of that triple-cream Brie I really like. Purrrrrrrrr…

Whisper, a Noble Calico Cat
translated by Teri Smith

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