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One of my favorite mystery authors, Diana Kirk, really surprised me with this red-hot sizzle of a romance. And what a romance! Her first paragraph leaves the reader panting for air -- not to mention panting for more. A hook worth a prize, it leads to more and more heat and laughter provoking shenanigans.

Book: VArious, Secrets volume 7To finish her research on sexual dysfunction among sports figures with spinal cord injuries, psychologist Suzanne Grey travels to Cody, Wyo., to discover how such injuries affect the bedroom performance of rodeo performers. In a Cody saloon, Suzanne finds herself responding sexually to bartender Matthew McKenna and talks the barmaid into introducing them. Luckily, this falls right in line with said barmaid's own agenda.

The barmaid wants to marry off Matthew so he will inherit the family ranch, allowing the barmaid to marry Matthew's younger brother. So the barmaid, ever so helpfully, tells Suzanne all about the tragic bull riding accident that left Matthew impotent. Suzanne couldn't imagine a better subject for her research, and she plans to pursue the matter forthwith. But she can't help wondering why she's so attracted to Matthew…or why an impotent man would seem so attracted to her.

Famous last thoughts?

Oh, yes.

Matthew McKenna tended the bar that night just to help out a friend. Ordinarily, he works as a rodeo bullfighter, one of the clowns who leap in front of charging bulls to save the riders after they hit the dirt.

Is he sexually dysfunctional?

What do you think?

How soon will Suzanne's research reach the bedrock of truth?

Don't expect me to tell you and cheat you out of a great read.

Sex, Lies, and Rodeo Games will be released in two formats: ebook and trade paperback. That leaves you no reason not to grab this book and enjoy.

Patricia Lucas White

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