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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and a half moon gifTor Books (Hardcover), ISBN: 0-765-30026-5
WARNING: The Pillars of Creation, the seventh book in Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, does not function as a stand-alone work. If you neglected to read the first six books in this action-filled, continuing saga, you not only missed a lot of great fantasy, you will probably find yourself lost in The Pillars of Creation.

Book: Terry Goodkind, pillars of creationThe Pillars of Creation recounts the story of Jennsen, a young woman tormented her entire life by inhuman voices that she believes to be unreal. When Jennsen's mother dies at the hands of assassins, Jennsen joins forces with a man who befriends her and saves her life. The reason for the assassination becomes clear only when Jennsen learns of her true heritage. She is one of previous ruler's many bastard children. Some of the world's seers consider her one of the few totally untouched by magic -- an empty place in the universe. The old dynasty saw her kind as a threat and sent hunters to kill them all. But the new ruler, her half-brother Richard Rahl, follows a different agenda.

Book: terry goodkind, debt of bonesConvinced by those she loves and trusts that she can only be safe from the voices by her own acts, Jennsen resolves to kill Richard as soon as she can get within range. But Richard and his wife live far away, and reaching them becomes a quest in itself. Exploited by others intent on world domination and totally unaware of their duplicity, Jennsen prepares to kill. But if Jennsen kills her half-brother, what will happen to her world? Only after she journeys to the Pillars of Creation will she know the truth, but that hard won truth might come too late, far too late.

Every book in the Sword of Truth series takes the reader on a wild ride into magic, danger and action enough to leave you breathless (and wanting more). This book proves no exception. It's a big book that delivers a big adventure.

Patricia Lucas White

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