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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and a half moon gifJove (Paperback), ISBN 0-515-13178-4
The concept, although used many times before, intrigued me. I wanted to read and enjoy a romance between a twin and the other twin's husband. Sad to say, I didn't enjoy it. I kept laying the book down and forgetting where I left it -- not a good sign for an omnivorous reader.

Book: claire cross, double troubleWritten in first person, from the point of view of the protagonist (I hesitate to call her the heroine) who keeps trying to set herself up as the "good" twin, the one maligned and discounted by her father and sister's family. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy it. Neither twin seemed to possess any sterling characteristics -- or saving graces.

James Coxwell's high prestige job (and the money it generates) falls afoul of his father's rigid moral beliefs. His wife Marcia takes a powder, leaving him a mountain of debts and two young sons. Maralys, the protagonist, steps in, but not willingly and not as her sister's surrogate.

Book: claire cross, the moonstoneIs the book funny?

I found little amusing in Maralys' wisecracks and I remain confused as to the link, however tenuous, between her online "Ask Aunt Mary" column and her life. The life she lives puts Marlys at odds with most of the world, including her father and her twin.

Are the characters quirky? Yes. Lovable? In my opinion, they would have to reach high to become even likable.

I hate to give poor reviews, but for whatever reason, I didn't like the book, even though I wanted to. I tried to find my reason and finally decided it hinged on the fact that I found the protagonist far from appealing and didn't really care whether she found true love and happiness with her sister's cast-off husband.

Patricia Lucas White

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