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Erotica is In. Just a few years ago, books like Secrets Volume 7 could be only purchased via mail order -- or in an adult bookstore. But, as many studies and romance fiction sales prove -- women love to read about sex.

Book: VArious, Secrets volume 7Check out the closest national chain bookstore, and I guarantee that you'll find "erotica" somewhere on their shelves. Not all erotica features romantic elements, but Secrets Volume 7 does.

The first of four stories, "Amelia's Innocence" presents Captain Quentin Hawke, who receives an unusual payment of a gambling debt: the loser's virginal daughter. Desiring the maiden, but not willing to put his neck into the parson's noose, the wily captain offers Amelia a choice: stay aboard and become Quentin's lover in all ways except one -- the loss of her maidenhead -- or return to her father. Amelia demands matrimony if the Captain takes her virginity. Forbidden fruit tastes best. Will Quentin be able to resist the tastiest part of Amelia's honeysweet body?

Does love survive past death? Jade Lawless explores this question in "The Woman of His Dreams." Joanna Morgan dreams constantly of her new next door neighbor, handsome Gray Avonaco. Gray, of Indian heritage and a renowned artist, makes Joanna feel things her old fiancé never did or could. Yet Joanna's dreams also sometimes descend into nightmare -- passion igniting into violence, love losing to death's specter. Can Gray's passion overcome Joanna's fear?

So you wanna be a feisty historical heroine. Kathryn Anne Dubois shows you how in "Surrender." The Duke of Chandlemare, Nicholas Kentridge, finds his fiancée Lady Johanna Carlton to be a most contrary spitfire. Johanna, overindulged by her mother and stepfather, tries everything to get out of her betrothal to the handsome and arousing duke. But no matter how Johanna schemes, Nicholas intends to possess her luscious body and spritely charm. And the Duke of Chandlemare always gets what he wants.

Vampires make the best lovers. Right? Angela Knight certainly thinks so, based on her offering of "Kissing the Hunter." Navy Seal Logan McLean hunts vicious prey -- the killers responsible for the death of his wife. This warrior can already count one kill: loathsome Vladik Ivanov. Now McLean intends to take out another killer mentioned in Ivanov's journal, sexy, gorgeous, vampire Virginia Hart. However taking out a woman with one of the sexiest derrieres he ever ogled proves harder than Logan ever dreamed. He never planned to make love with a desirable female bloodsucker either. Funny how a little oral sex can change a guy's mind…

I love a well-written sex scene, so receiving Secrets Volume 7 proved to be a delight. All four stories boasted believable characters and well-written, strong romantic storylines. I especially enjoyed "Amelia's Innocence." I reveled in watching Quentin play with a fire that he insisted wouldn't burn his fingers -- and watching Amelia more than meet her hero's passion. "Kissing the Hunter" also satisfied with its creative slant on vampire lore -- along with some of the hottest love scenes in the book.

If you like erotica, then you'll enjoy Secrets Volume 7. The variety of storylines as well as the hot, hot, hot sex will surely please. One last recommendation -- keep your significant other handy because you'll definitely want to share the mood when you finish reading.

Teri Smith

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