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In more ways than one -- but I'll get to that in a moment. First I need to reassure you that you don't need to read the first four books in the Shadow Dweller series to understand Book V. However, if you don't read the previous books, you will be missing some sexy, sizzling tales of witches, vampires and shape shifters.

Book: j c wilder, sins of the fleshPreviously, some of the Council of Elders and their hangers-on rebelled, destroying several of council members, forcing others into hiding. Not too many elders remain to try and bring the Shadow Dwellers' world (a sub-culture of our own) back into balance. This task proves especially difficult because Cassiopeia and Miles, a revenant, continue to elude pursuit. In addition, the fugitives possess Elsabeth's Diary, a book that poses great danger to all vampires.

Andre Saint-Juste, vampire and current head of the Council of Elders and doubly betrayed by his former lover Cassiopeia, founders in a sea of problems. Young female vampires burn from the inside out, and Andre must prevent more from dying. He knows the plague derives from Cassiopeia's and Miles' work with the diary. Sunni, a young vampire, loves Andre. Just being around her arouses him, but he finds her an irritant (or so he says) because of her giddy, irresponsible manner.

Determined to have her way with him, Sunni decides to seduce him with her intellect. To do this, she plans to help him find Miles, Cass and the book. Thus she unintentionally places herself in harm's way -- and the burning deaths do great harm indeed. Can Andre save her? (You don't really expect me to answer that, do you?)

What can I say? I am hopelessly hooked on the Shadow Dweller books. They sparkle, sizzle, and make me breathe a little faster. J.C. Wilder writes hot, red hot, so handle with care.


Patricia Lucas White

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