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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and a half moon gifBerkeley Books (paperback), ISBN 0-425-18146-47
Okay Nora. You did it. You got me. I'll admit I read and enjoyed your regular romances (as if anything you write could be called "regular"), but you never really sank your little hooks into me. However, with Seduction in Death you finally did it.

Book: J D Robb, Seduction in deathLieutenant Eve Dallas languishes at home, doing her best to stave off hideous childhood nightmares and desperately trying to ignore her longing for her incredibly sexy spouse, Roarke. Roarke, off to the wilds of Ireland to bury a close friend, won't be back for a few days, and the stubbornly independent Eve discovers that she misses Roarke more than she cares to admit.

Diversion comes in the unwelcome form of a call to investigate a possible suicide. With her reliable assistant Peabody at her side, Eve discovers another unpalatable fact: the young woman who fell 12 floors didn't do so willingly. Someone wined and dined the victim, then judiciously fed her date rape drugs and pushed her already dead body over the side of her balcony.

Eve (with the help of Roarke, Peabody and the rest of the Cop Central crew) stalks a killer through a maze of cybercafes, drug research companies and chat rooms that cater to lonely hearts. Not too surprisingly, she finds that seduction on- or off-line can be deadly indeed.

Seduction in Death provided my first reading experience with Eve and Roarke. I can guarantee it won't be my last. I love Eve's steely determination and willingness to go the distance to see justice done. I also love Eve's camaraderie with her faithful sidekick, Peabody:

Book: J D Robb, betrayal in deathEve: "I was single a lot longer than I've been married. I never stooped to cyber-world."

Peabody: "Big deal when you're tall and thin with jungle-cat eyes and have a sexy little dent in your chin."

Eve: "Are you coming on to me, Peabody?"

Peabody: "My love for you is a fearsome thing, Dallas. But I've given up dating cops."

And then there's Roarke. Oh yeah. Roarke of the silky, ebony-colored hair and blue, blue, blue eyes. The one-time, bad boy crook, tamed by his love for a titanium steel cop. This boy is so hot you could light candles off his shirt cuffs. Nora, does your future world feature clones? Because I'd certainly queue up for a copy of Roarke. Or two. Maybe three? A girl can never have enough fabulously handsome men whispering Celtic words of love in her ear.

Bottom line, go out and buy this book. Heck, with Roberts' sales figures, a few zillion of you probably already did. For those of you who live in caves or just got off a space station, check out this series. Eve's world, for all its futuristic gadgets and ability to go to this or that planet, reads grubby, nasty and full of the curdled milk of human unkindness. It feels real.

And if you like a heroine who kicks butt with the best of them, if you want your hero to invoke the need for not one but two drool buckets, and you crave loyal side-kicks with a snappy comeback for every situation, then you'll revel "In Death." And you can blame your obsession for the series on Roberts and her evil plot to take over the world with her writing. I certainly do.

Teri Smith

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