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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and a half moon gifMeisha Merlin Publishing (Paperback), ISBN: 1892065215
There's elves in them thar college libraries. Not to mention leprechauns, sprites, and other weird and wonderful things. Although a business major (and self-acknowledged nerd), Keith Doyle still believes in fairies and even writes papers for his courses using these legendary beings.

Book: jody lynn nye, applied mythologyBut life holds a delightful surprise for young Keith. While doing research down in the stacks of the old college library he discovers that fairies indeed live -- in the basement of that very library. There's just one catch. Modernization of the campus decrees that the library must be torn down, and the little folk must leave. And guess who spoke out most for modernization? The first two guesses don't count…

Applied Mythology, a collection of three of Nye's well-loved Mythology stories -- Mythology 101, Mythology Abroad and Higher Mythology -- follows Keith and his friends on their hilariously enjoyable myth-adventures. From figuring out how to save their library home, to traveling to Scotland in search of Nessie, to trying to save Holl's baby daughter and a young fairy named Dola from fates worse than death, Nye takes her readers on three wonderfully comic romps.

Book: Jody lynn nye, the grand tourNye's characters jump from the page and into her reader's hearts almost immediately. Her comic view of college possesses the power to warm a matriculate's heart and will even tickle the funny bones of those who never darkened the doors of academe. Well written, snappily paced and with enough adventure to even satisfy that other old college man, Indiana Jones, Nye more than delivers the goods for fantasy fans.

So come on, college students, grads and serious fans of fantastical adventures. Hie yourself to your favorite library -- or better still, your favorite bookstore -- and pick up a copy of Applied Mythology. You'll be glad you did.

Teri Smith

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