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An eclectic blend of prose and poetry, A Nightingale in the Sycamore surprised me, touched me, entertained me and made me smile. It was, all in all, a serendipitous discovery -- you know, finding something unexpectedly wonderful in the process of looking for something else.

Book: Maureen McMahon, The nightingale in the sycamoreI recently reviewed two of McMahon's novels -- and loved them because they offered contemporary gothic, romantic suspense in the flavor of my all-time favorite author, Mary Stewart. I expected her to do the same in this book. Instead, to my delight, I discovered McMahon's versatility. Her skills run wide and deep.

Crescent Blues word limits prevent me from reviewing the entire collection, but I can give you a tiny taste of a few of the short stories and my reaction to them.

"The Devil and Beano McDuff" made wonder about the nature of victory. Beano and the Devil discussed, argued and fought for months. Finally Beano thought he won. Does anyone win when they make a pact with the devil? Read the story and see.

Or if your funny bone needs a tune up read "The Perfect Wedding." It makes me laugh again just to think about it. Funny? Oh, yes, and slightly ribald, and…well, if I try to tell you, you won't believe what happened at that wedding.

And, of course, there's "Joey." This story touched my heart, made me know that one person's hopes, dreams, and memories of things past may differ from those of the other people involved. It also showed me the bright side of human nature and…you need to read "Joey" to see how much the title character gave to a town and a people.

Do I have a favorite? Yes -- the author. The entire collection reflects McMahon's many facets, and they all shine.

Patricia Lucas White

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