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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:four moon gifWilliam Morrow (Hardcover), ISBN 0-06-019870-2
Do you yearn for a mystery with a mature sleuth? One that will make you chuckle, nod your head in agreement and wish for more of the same?

Book: Anne Geoerge, Murder boogies with elvisForget Miss Marple, she's old hat.

Put Jessica Fletcher back on the shelf.

Prepare yourself for a double dose of odd and unusual women bent on solving the crime and rounding up the miscreants of Birmingham, Ala. The nature of the crime really doesn't matter. Whichever one happens to occur will do, though murder most foul and unusual seems occupy most of these mature ladies' time. Friends, if you haven't already enjoyed the pleasure, please, allow me to introduce the Southern sisters.

The short, thin, happily married one, retired school teacher Patricia Anne (Mouse) narrates the tale, taking a few swipes at her older, tall, plus-size sister, Mary Alice (Sister) along the way. Mary Alice agrees to marry -- for the fourth time and, for once, not to a man 20 years her senior and rich. (In fact, the 65-year-old groom clocks in at a year younger than Mary Alice.)

Book: Anne George, murder carries a torchThe groom's son and son-in-law make their living impersonating Elvis. Mary Alice invites Patricia Anne and her husband to attend a benefit featuring a dance line of Elvises (Elvi?) as the grand finale. The happily engaged couple plan on delivering news of the coming nuptials to the groom's children at dinner following the benefit.

Plans tend to go awry when the Southern sisters arrive on the scene, and the benefit proves no exception. In the middle of the big number, an Elvis staggers forward, tumbles into the orchestra pit, and dies -- murdered by a person or persons unknown. Wild horses couldn't keep the sisters from investigating. Along the way they attract some rather odd, eccentric, and otherwise strange characters (not all of them related to either Mary Alice or her intended).

The word limit for Crescent Blues reviews prevent me from lingering on the daft details. But if you want giggles, chuckles, murder, and mayhem, the Southern sisters deliver all that and more. Murder Boogies with Elvis deserves the award for outstanding entertainment.

Patricia Lucas White

Readers Respond

I just wanted to say how profoundly enjoy Anne George's writing. I just recently discovered her and am in the process of reading everything I can get my hands on. But sadly, I just learned that she passed away last year. I feel as though I'm losing a very dear friend now that I know she's no longer here... but we have these lovely books to savor.

Ho much fun these books would be as movie or situation comedies. Anne's humor is exquisite.

Nancy Henson, a fan.

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