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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage: four moon gifKensington Books (Hardcover), ISBN: 1-57566-820-3
Heart string tugging?

Oh, yes -- especially the parts about the protagonist's emotionally wounded daughter.

A wild read?

Book: Stella Cameron, Tell Me WhyCould it be otherwise? It's Stella Cameron at her finest, with a new tale of flawed but terribly human characters who live, love, hurt, and go on, one way or another.

Once again Stella Cameron wields her magic, turns a heart-broken, fearful woman into an unforgettable character in a romantic suspense that chills, thrills, and excites. Tell Me Why escalates from "what's-going-on" to "oh, no" and back again. The wildly tangled plot, the diverse and enchanting characters (including Digger, the pup), and the clearly defined setting (near Seattle) work together to provide a wonderful read.

A famous pianist, Carolee Burns comes home from a tour and finds her husband filing for divorce. Devastated and overwhelmed, she accepts the blame her husband hands her, acknowledges she's neglected her child and cannot fight when the judge gives custody of their daughter Faith to her father. Carolee loves her daughter and gives up touring so that she can be there for the few visitations the court allows her. She restricts her playing to a monthly stint at a local bistro.

Book: Stella Cameron, Snow angelsHis legs held together by metal, former football great Max Wolfe works his way through his own problems. He sits in the shadows, listens to Carolee's playing, sees the sadness in her eyes and wants to help. Sam, Carolee's father, plays Cupid to make sure the pair meets.

Just meeting would never have been enough. Nor would falling in love. But when Carolee's ex starts acting wild and other things happen, Max and Carolee must to work together orů

You know I won't give away the plot. If you want to know more, Tell Me Why will fill in all the blanks with pizazz, sizzle and maybe a few tears. Grab it.

Patricia Lucas White

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