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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage: three moon gifSignet Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-451-20358-5
Susan Kerslake wants out of the family business, but she needs the Dragon's gold to do it. For generations her family profited from their smuggling operation along the Devon coasts. Now her brother bears the dubious honor of leading the band of smugglers known as the Dragon's Horde. Their father formerly held the post, but he's on his way to Australia, courtesy of the English court system.

Book: Margery Atwood, Blind assassinCon Somerford returns to Crag Wyvern as the new Earl of Wyvern, a title he never expected and one he would very much like to decline. He already holds a title and large estate in Sussex, a more hospitable part of England; he doesn't need this gloomy fortress on the cliffs of Dover. Most of all, Con wants nothing to do with Susan, a woman he once foolishly loved. When she broke his heart 11 years ago, she also destroyed the idealistic, infatuated fifteen-year-old boy he used to be. Napoleon and Con's years in the army crushed any lingering shreds of idealism. An evil-looking dragon tattooed on his skin testifies to the man he became. Con survived dangerous enemies. Surely he can survive Susan Kerslake.

Susan wanted to marry the earl, not Con, the second son. She wouldn't allow love to interfere with her ambition. Eleven years later, she still faces life alone. Now she must serve as Con's housekeeper -- a temporary position, she hopes. Once she discovers the gold hidden in Crag Wyvern, she can leave Devon forever and spare her brother the responsibility of becoming the new Captain Drake, the anonymous name given to the leader of the Dragon's Horde.

Book: Margery Atwood, Blind assassinNeither Con nor Susan planned on a second chance at love. Both set out to make reconciliation impossible. Con sends a proposal letter to Lady Anne's father. He doesn't love Lady Anne, but she will make a suitable wife for an earl. Susan embraces spinsterhood. With her share of the gold, she'll insure her freedom.

While Susan searches for the gold, she finds old emotions bubbling to the surface. Con wrestles with past hurts and new doubts. Jo Beverly weaves a poignant story of two lovers burdened by guilt and heartbreak who struggle to deny the renewed passion between them. Con and Susan hunt for hidden treasure, but the real treasure lies concealed in their hearts.

Doris Valliant

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