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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage: four moon gifNew Concepts Publishing (Ebook), ISBN: 1-58608-268-X
After I stopped laughing, I wondered how on earth I could review a romance about a witch and a godmother who are twins; a handsome warlock; a tambledown, haunted mansion (in Montana, no less); a woman with a nasty ex-husband; a handsome contractor; and some very nefarious deeds? As those of you who read her mysteries know, Crawford possesses a devious mind, a quirky sense of humor, and the skill to intertwine them and fashion a double love story -- one in the mundane world, one in Fairy.

Book: Moira Allen, Writers guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals Using her divorce settlement from a very vindictive ex, Elizabeth Banning plans to restore her grandparents' mansion and turn it into a bed and breakfast called "The Good Luck Inn." She hires Adam Gardiner (one of those secretive types I mentioned) as general contractor for the job.

Dark and dismal Sydney Manville, billed as the witch one never wanted to cross, tried, repeatedly, to mend her ways and failed. All sparkling with light, Sheryece, Sydney's godmother twin, conceals a secret as well -- and worries about it. But that doesn't stop Sheryece from forcing her witchy sister to further the course of true love. And let's not forget Melvin the magnificent warlock -- wow!

Confused yet?

I promise you won't be when you start reading, laughing, saying, "Oh, no," and reading a little faster. A Witch for Good Luck qualifies as pure fun, a great read and a wonderful couple of romances with lots of great twists and turns along the way. Enjoy.

Patricia Lucas White

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