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Of Brides and Babies

Heather and Baby Baylor wondering if this was a good idea after all (Courtesy Heather Firth)

No one can accuse the Crescent Blues staff of doing things on the rest of the world's schedule. We host weddings in September and deliver babies in May.

No, not Teri and Stephen Smith's baby! You've got us all wrong! Well, some of us, at any rate.

On May 15, Crescent Blues reviewer Heather Firth and her husband (of several years) Andy became the very proud parents of Baylor Sydney Firth (5 lbs.,
11 oz.) Heather advises that she began reading little Baylor excerpts from her backlog of review books as soon as they came home from the hospital.

Heather expects Baylor to begin writing reviews as soon as the baby stops drooling on the keyboard. Heather, who can be very definite in her opinions, assures me that this will be accomplished by the end of July at the very latest.

Like any good dad, Andy wholeheartedly supports his wife's ambitions for their child. He spent Heather's labor calculating college costs in 2019. He emerged from the ordeal looking far more hammered than the new mother.

I can only say that at our rates, that kid -- and her momma -- will need to write a lot of reviews.

Meanwhile, to pull us back on track with the rest of the world, Crescent Blues' June offerings emphasize romance. From Linda Howard's hot and heady romantic suspense, to the saga of Patricia McLinn's Wyoming Wildflowers to what really happens when 120 romance writers, editors and agents take over a haunted hotel for the weekend(coming soon), you'll find a lot in the way of happy endings.

Gee, we got brides, we got babies. Now if I could only find a cowboy, I could sell it in New York.

Jean Marie Ward

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