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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:Three moon gifAvid Press (Trade Paperback), ISBN 1-929613-18-0
With the London premiere of Taming of the Shoe just days away, the young and beautiful lead dancer, Jessica, disappears from the dance company. A determined and talented professional, nothing would keep Jessica from the center stage she calls home. No man, no woman -- nothing, but foul play.

Book: Christine Spindler, The Rhythym of RevengeTo find her, Inspector Terry must examine the personalities and motives of an entire troupe of dysfunctional dancers. Could it be the wronged husband? The betrayed friend? The dismissed lover, or his wife? Or another lover? Or, could it be just another one of the amnesia attacks Jessica suffers? Jessica's self-involved personality, combined with her many indiscretions, leaves Inspector Terry with a long, fascinating list of suspects.

As the fingers of the troupe members begin pointing at one another, Spindler sets the stage for a hot first act. When one of Jessica's former lovers -- Simon, the troupe's massage therapist -- turns up with her screwdriver in his back, the scene gets hotter. Inspector Terry, torn between his homosexuality and an attraction to one of the key female suspects, must bring down the house before it's too late.

This shockingly accurate, fictional profile demonstrates that the dance business encompasses more than hard work and perspiration. It's also about lying, cheating, stealing, love, homosexuality, bisexuality, jealousy, divorce, betrayal, glamour and murder. To illustrate these points, Spindler creates an engaging cast of contemporary secondary characters. While at the onset, Spindler portrays Jessica in a detestable light, finally, her motivations become clear and she becomes human.

Although set in London, England and smattered with stodgy British overtones, Rhythm of Revenge taps out a tune that keeps you on your toes. Even when you discover the identity of the perpetrator, Spindler keeps you guessing. Marching to the beat of a different drummer, "Rhythm of Revenge" sets the pace for the second Inspector Terry Mystery, coming soon from Avid Press.

Lynne Remick

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