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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and a half moon gifDell (Paperback), ISBN 0-440-23690-8
The third Regency romance in The Rogues of Regent Street series, The Beautiful Stranger once again debuts a hero, Sir Arthur Christian, who wonders why his friend Phillip got himself killed in a duel and blames himself for not preventing the death. Arthur's misplaced guilt goads him into going to Scotland Book: julia london, the beautiful strangerand trying to retrieve money Phillip invested more than two years before. A widow who feels responsible for her dead husband's clan, Mrs. Kerry McKinnon owes the money and tries every possible way to repay the debt. Of course they meet -- without either knowing how entangled their lives will become.

Kerry accidentally shoots Arthur -- nothing more than a flesh wound but the shot ruined his coat and his horse ran away. This leaves them in a compromising situation: alone together for an entire night. And from that meeting in the middle of nowhere develops a tale of murder, misunderstanding, scandal, more murder and love.

Contrary to what one might think, Arthur plays the role of the title character. But his beauty lies only in his face and form, because he's arrogant, lordly, selfish, Book: Julia London, A dangerous gentlmancondescending, and pretty much lacking in compassion. London's great skill with words depicts a member of the nobility that, in my opinion, behaves like a true man of his times -- a time in which the male members of the ruling class operated like a law unto themselves. And the law these aristocrats lived by treated women like nothing more than chattel, objects to be seduced or wedded.

On the other hand, the heroine lives up to the full meaning of the word "beautiful." Kerry adds depth and caring to a tale that, given the hero, certainly needs her understanding, her stubbornness, and her ability to love and give freely to make it a fascinating read.

Patricia Lucas White

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