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Talk about fulfillment exceeding anticipation -- and have I ever been anticipating this book! Nightingale's Gate, the book starring the last of the three Hawthorne brothers (the other two found love in Dove's Way and Swan's Grace), should be the poster child for the statement. Yes, I enjoyed it that much, and I loved the first two books as well. Lee writes with a deft hand, an ingenious mind and a mastery of the art. Her historical romances rank among the best of the best, and her extraordinary protagonists rank even higher.

Book: Linda Francis Lee, Nightingale gate Someone is killing the prostitutes in turn-of-the-20th-century Boston's alleys. The scandalous owner of the infamous club Nightingale's Gate, Lucas Hawthorne seems a likely suspect, and the police arrest him for the murder of Lucille Rouge. Although Lucas' brother, Grayson, earns his living as an attorney, he practices civil law, not criminal law. But who will plead what appears an airtight case against a man seen as a scoundrel and thorough reprobate? Cue the theme music and enter the heroine -- Alice Kendall, a struggling defense attorney.

Alice knows about the case. Considering the way it dominates the headlines, she couldn't possibly miss all the gory details. But she certainly doesn't feel prepared to act as Lucas' attorney. With bills mounting up for her miniscule practice, she needs the money the wealthy Hawthorne family can pay. But her own father plans to prosecute the case. Can she go against her own father and defend the attractive defendant?

Book: Linda Francis Lee, Dove's WayLee's characterization, plotting, setting, and use of the English language combine to produce a tangle of family problems and dark secrets that keep the reader reading long past bedtime. Nightingale's Gate not only ranks as a page-turner, it qualifies as un-put-downable to the nth degree.

I truly wish Lee would invent another Hawthorne brother. Since that appears unlikely, maybe, if her fans all get together can beg and plead, we can convince her to continue the family's journey into the next generation.

Patricia Lucas White

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