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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:four moon gifHarlequin Intrigue (Paperback), ISBN: 0-373-22620-9
In her debut with Harlequin, Mallory Kane writes a sizzler that fairly explodes with sexual tension, suspense, and a hero and heroine that breathe authenticity -- plus a villain that will give you enough chills to see you through a long hot summer. I may never open a refrigerator again without taking a deep breath and remembering this book.

Book: Mallory Kane, The Lawman who loved herLawyer Dana and Lawman Cody Maxwell have been divorced for four years -- the same amount of time Gerard Fontenot spent in prison. Now back on the street, Fontenot intends to fulfill his vow to get Cody. To increase Cody's suffering, Fontenot plans on getting Dana as well. The appearance of a special earring, left in Cody's car as a token of Fontenot's plans, leaves Cody shaken with worry about Dana. Following an encounter with rigged gun in his apartment, the winged Cody goes directly to Dana's house to prevent anything from happening to her.

Cody knows he must protect the woman he still loves, even though she doesn't want him to. Dana knows she can't allow herself to get involved with him again, even though she still loves him. Circumstances conspire against them. The chief of police sends them to a cabin on Lake Pontchartrain, La., so they will be safe -- from the bad guy, but certainly not for each other. And just maybe not from their diabolically clever antagonist either.

Romantic suspense at its finest, The Lawman Who Loved Her promises a great future for the author -- especially if her next book features Cody's handsome hunk of a partner, Detective Devereaux Gautier. Ms. Kane, if I beg nicely will you tell us Dev's story? The tiny tease regarding the sadness in his eyes certainly whetted my curiosity.

Patricia Lucas White

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