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Crescent Blues Book ViewsImage:three and one half moon gifSilver Dagger Mysteries, ISBN 1-57072-172-4 (Hardcover), ISBN 1-57072-173-4 (Trade Paper)
The filthy old cat woman drowned in her bathtub --an accident? Police Detective Claudia Hershey, of Indian Run, Fla., doesn't think so and convinces her chief to let her do a little digging. Then another drowning victim surfaces in a local pond. Not a crazy old woman this time -- no indeed, this floater's a rich old man. Could this be another accident? Could there be a connection? Both victims drowned, but that seemed the only common factor until Claudia, aided and abetted by her temporary and certainly not welcomed intern, Booey, digs some more.

Book:Laura Belgrave, Quietly deadThe cat lady's neighbor, a dog man and mean, seems a good suspect for the first drowning. But Claudia remains unconvinced that he did both deeds, mostly because she can't figure out the "why" of it.

The dead man's wife and his sexy, young caretaker suggest another scenario. Not to mention the possibilities surrounding the wife's neighbor's son, who just happens to be virile and too protective. Any one of the three might have been the culprit in the rich man's demise, but why would any of them do in a crazy old cat woman? Something must link the two deaths, but what?

Claudia needs to find out and soon. But her only lead consists of a person or persons unknown gunning (literally) for her --- and using a shotgun to boot. Fortunately, Claudia can rely on her innate experience, dogged determination and hunches -- and the invaluable help of Booey.

A small town, with all of the small town police force departmental politics, Indian Run becomes almost another member of the cast of well-depicted characters. Claudia's personal problems with her ex-husband, her teenage daughter, a stray kitten and the man who professes to love her add interesting subplots. Plot, setting, characterization work together to provide a very enjoyable and exciting read.

Patricia Lucas White

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