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Image: Three moon gifMoonDragon Publications (Trade Paperback), ISBN 1-58776-99-1
The first book in the World of Marna, The Legend of Hawkwind starts slowly but gains momentum as the diverse characters come together, and the quest to overcome the evil besetting their world begins.

Book:Adrian Drake, The Legend of Hawkwind Set in polytheistic world, where most of the various and varied races worship one or more of 13 gods, the basis of the plot rests on a prophecy. According to the prophecy, the Child of Thirteen will come and be opposed by the Child of None. If the Child of None wins, then an apocalyptic nightmare called the Reckoning will destroy Marna. The prophecy unfolds, the companions gather, and the battles rage. But if the Child of Thirteen wins, Marna will know peace for the first time in many, many years.

The young priestess of a savage people on the lost continent of Telnir falls prey to a vision. It changes her life, makes her a nameless outcast and sends her out into a world in turmoil -- a world that dismays and frightens her not in the least. The Child of Thirteen, she falls into the prophecy without a whimper and so do her companions…and her adversary, the Child of None, a priest of the god of destruction, Dealthagar.

The world builds as the companions follow their quest, and I expect future books in the series to add to the setting. For a debut novel, The Legend of Hawkwind introduces some interesting characters and possibly a new wrinkle or two to the world of high fantasy. I enjoyed it even if I found it a bit confusing at times because of the short paragraphs and the quantum jumps from character to character and from place to place. The battle scenes rise above the ordinary, and the interaction of the characters provides a smile or two.

All in all, The Legend of Hawkwind provides an interesting read. And its author, Adrian Drake, proves himself a man of wit and imagination.

Patricia Lucas White

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