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Yes, indeed, especially if you add charming, delightful, and magical.

Book: Jillian Hunter, Abandon She calls rainbows into being, just by being there. And flowers bloom out of season, even on barren ground where flowers shouldn't be able to grow. And it wouldn't do to forget the cats, especially the white one that appears and disappears whenever and wherever Morwenna Halliwell happens to be (or sometimes where she doesn't happen to be) at the moment.

Match that with the old woman's prophecy or vision, the one that said the earl of Pentargon would wed Morwenna. Not that Anthony Hartstone, the earl in danger of matrimony, believes that little tidbit. Absolutely not. Some of the events surrounding Morwenna make him a little uneasy, but despite all the islanders' objections, he still intends to sell the island. Even worse, Anthony allows the intended buyer to tear down standing stones and desecrate a sacred place in order to build a villa to house future tourists.

Legend claims Abandon, the island Anthony inherited from his brother and plans to sell, was the death place of King Arthur and must be protected for future generations. The same legend, or one of its embellishments, characterizes Morwenna as a descendant of Morgan Le Fay -- possibly her daughter. Merlin plays his part as well, as does a black crow that appears to warn of impending trouble.

Book: Jillian Hunter, Daring

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention the book, the one that Anthony finds, loses, finds and can only open certain pages -- pages that depict his life with Morwenna. More magic? Oh, yes.

Abandon bespells, beguiles, and bewitches. I only found myself disappointed when I reached the end. Not that the ending didn't work perfectly -- I just wanted to stay longer on that magical island in the lovely land of Hunter's story weaving. If romance, magic, great plots and wonderful characters add spice to your reading life, don't allow this one to escape. It's good.

Patricia Lucas White

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