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Image: Four moon gifPocket Star (Paperback), ISBN: 0-671-04292-0
A debut novel, Ride a Dark Horse jumps into the show ring and takes home a blue ribbon in the Grand Prix of reading excitement and pleasure. If you love romance, dedication, little kids (orphaned twins), show horses, family loyalty, bitchy ex-wives who love exerting their power and dear friends that gather in times of need, then look no farther. This book offers all that and more, including a truly great heroine and a hero equally great: Cassie Miller and Caleb Wells.

Book: Laura Moore, Ride a Dark Horse Prior to the accident that orphaned the twins, making her their guardian and eventually their adoptive mother, Cassie's growing roll of equestrian honors marked her as a rider of note and excellent potential. But her unforeseen role as single parent meant Cassie couldn't continue on that track. In order to support the twins, she takes a job as horse trainer. In the stable where she works, Cassie meets Orion (the titular dark horse, who seeks a lifelong rider/partner) and Caleb (the local veterinarian, who holds a major interest in Orion). Caleb develops a major interest in Cassie -- one he fights and denies for all he's worth. Caleb's ex-wife sees things differently and intends to do everything in her considerable power to keep Caleb and Cassie apartů and to keep Cassie from riding Orion in the major shows.

A richly satisfying book that teaches much about horse shows, family interactions and the power of love, Ride a Dark Horse goes on my keeper shelf. I do not want to lose touch with its wonderful characters, both major and minor, since I cherish hopes for a book starring Cassie's brother and his special someone. Cassie's brother worked hard to provide a sound financial future for the twins and Cassie, and he deserves his own love story.

Patricia Lucas White

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