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Three moon gifLeisure Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-8439-4829-9
What matters most? Loyalty? Love? Revenge? Reed Wilder thinks he knows, and he traveled a long way to discover it. Lucy Ames believes she survived some of life's hardest blows and come through whole and safe.

Book: Winnie Griggs, What Matters MostOn her petite shoulders, Lucy juggles the burdens of raising a son alone while her finances steadily decrease. Then Reed appears in her life, determined to avenge the wrongs he believes this "scheming opportunist" committed against his brother.

Reed traveled to Far Enough, Texas, to settle the score with Ms Ames. He wants to whisk Toby, Lucy's son, away from her. Then he can return to his estate and thriving business in faraway Delaware.

His carefully laid plans derail when two of Far Enough's meanest citizens ambush him. His courageous rescuer turns out to be the woman he came to Texas to betray. Lucy innocently takes Reed into her home until his injured body can heal. As his days pass in Lucy's care, Reed grapples with his feelings. Is Lucy the tainted woman he expected to find, or is she the kind, loving woman he observes? Will his growing desire for Lucy ambush his intent to take her beloved son away?

In her debut novel, Winnie Griggs tackles the tried-and-true Cinderella theme of the heroine way down on her luck with villainous characters plotting more mischief. Somehow Griggs's plot avoids the trite melodrama that many of these Cinderella romances lapse into. Instead, Griggs creates likable characters in an engaging romantic conflict that will keep readers wide-awake turning the pages and ignoring the lateness of the hour.

Doris Valliant

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