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Four moon gifBallantine (Paperback), ISBN 0-449-00602-6
A romance?

Yes, but an unusual one. But Patricia Rice wrote it, so you know it boasts wit, unexpectedness, sizzling love, and a wild plot.

Edgy? Raw? Of course. How could it be otherwise given the life-tortured hero and heroine?

Book: Patricia Rice, Nobody's AngelSo what makes them different from the run-of-the-mill? Nothing if a convict breaking the law by not letting his parole officer know of his whereabouts and a off-key singer in an unsavory bar fit the standard job descriptions for romantic characters.

After spending four years in prison for a crime he didn't commit (or so he claims), Adrian Quinn feels someone owes him big time. He fully intends to collect the truth about the crime and the fortune he desperately needs. Released on parole, he searches out his late partner's ex-wife -- a woman who, in his opinion, epitomizes the spoiled society wife. He believes she ruined his life. Now he plans to return the favor and do a little -- or a lot -- of ruining on his own.

Faith Nicholl's ex-husband spoiled her dreams of falling in love, getting married, and living happily after. But Faith managed to get away from her philandering husband with her body intact, some bitter memories and not much more. Determined to survive on her own, Faith makes a new start in a quiet place where no one knows her and does reasonably well.

Book: Patricia Rice, Merely MagicUntil Adrian comes into town and begins digging up dangerous secrets, awaking sleeping passions. Worse yet, he makes Faith start to believe in love again. Not a good thing considering who and what they are. Or do outward appearances deceive? Do they both hide secrets that can destroy the love and fragile trust building between them?

Patricia Rice rates a ten in the fine art of storytelling. Her romantic tales, Nobody's Angel included, twist, turn and sizzle, providing an engrossing, occasionally humorous, always interesting read along the way.

Patricia Lucas White

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